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Esther Villegas de la Torre-Writer of all materials on this site

Dr Esther Villegas de la Torre is a passionate linguist, a cultural historian, and a teacher. Originally from Valencia, Spain, Dr Villegas came to the UK to continue with her education in 1998. She holds a PhD in Hispanic Studies (2012) from The University of Nottingham, a BA (Hons) in Hispanic Studies (2003) and an MA in Spanish (2004) from The University of Manchester (all of which were university-funded), as well as a HND BTEC in Leisure and Tourism Management (2000) from The Manchester College --she was trained as a language teacher at the Instituto Cervantes, Machester. Dr Villegas is an active member of various international associations (i.e. MLA, AHGBI, WISPS), having presented her research widely (i.e. Manchester, Liverpool, London, New York, Seattle, Oxford, Warwick, Dublin).